Health and Safety

1.1 Statement of Intent
1.1.1 Olympus Security intend to work alongside all other employees and contractors to promote good Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) practices ensuring anyone who might be affected by our work activities, are not exposed to risks to their health, safety or welfare.
1.1.2 We are committed to conforming to all relevant legislation that relates to the Company’s undertakings and shall allocate adequate resources for the purposes of HSE management.
1.1.3 This HSE policy and the information contained therein shall be communicated to all employees and contractors.
1.1.4 Visitors and other interested parties can obtain copies of the HSE policy and arrangements by contacting the Company office.
1.1.5 The Managing Director of Olympus Security is further committed to eliminate and reduce health and safety risks and our environmental impact because of our undertakings by:
• Providing resources to identify all HSE issues relevant to our work
• Planning to ensure appropriate procedures are used to address HSE issues
• Communicating the company HSE procedures
• Implementing the agreed HSE measures throughout all work locations
• Monitoring and reviewing the HSE policy at regular intervals
1.1.6 In addition, Olympus Security will continue to develop a holistic approach to the management of the Company, recognising that efficient management of energy and resources in materials cuts cost and creates competitive advantages.
1.1.7 Olympus Security shall continue to develop and practise in-house environmentally caring policies covering its use of premises, sites, plant and other assets.
1.1.8 The Company shall continue to promote energy efficiency and sound environmentally sensitive practices.
1.1.9 The success of the policy will depend on the co-operation of all employees, and it is therefore important that everyone is familiar with all aspects of the HSE policy.
1.1.10 Signature(s) of person(s) responsible for Health, Safety & Environmental Policy:

Mr Pat Strutt


Date of signing: